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To make a claim for individual service delay compensation, you must complete and return our Delay-Repay compensation form within 28 days of the journey in question. In order to validate your claim, you must include the relevant ticket along with your claim form. Monthly and Annual Ticket holders must include either their original ticket or a photocopy of their ticket. Please note that we have a monitoring system in place to check customer details, ticket types and other information that passengers provide to validate your claim. Translink will take appropriate action against any fraudulent claims. Claim forms are available at all main rail stations and can also be downloaded at: Download Delay-Repay Claim Form >>

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Read this before GE14

Read this before GE14

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April 3, 2018 comment 0 Read this before GE14 Let’s start this post the same way I start my day — by looking at Facebook. ...