31 Oct '13, 12pm

Translink launch #translinklifesbetter with @PeteSnodden, @DavidMeadeLive & @Sugahgal

'Life's better' with Translink - #translinklifesbetter We have launched our brand new Life’s better Campaign to get more people to use passenger transport. Over recent years more and more people have started to take the bus and train and increasingly, people tell us they love the benefits it offers. Last year over 78 million journeys were made a whopping 1.5 million more than the previous year – so our new campaign is all about spreading the word about what is great about bus and train travel. There are many consumer benefits making ‘Life better’ for our customers – these are just some of most popular ones we hear…… Provides people with more free time as travel time on board is more productive For many people their journey times are reduced compared to using the car and sitting in traffic – benefit of bus lanes and train travel Relaxed on board – Read /sleep / social media...

Full article: http://www.translink.co.uk/lifesbetter


Q: Does alcohol help you sleep better? A:

runnersworld.com 02 Nov '13, 5am

Sounds good -- but there are caveats. Your body alternates between REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep in cycles of...