26 Jun '14, 12pm

@joejessener16 Adult £2.70 single; £3.70 return.

@joejessener16 Adult £2.70 single; £3.70 return.

Route 950 provides a frequent, fast shuttle service between Staines rail and bus stations and Thorpe Park when Thorpe Park is open. We have many discount fares available, including through ticketing from National rail Stations, and group travel, but standard fares between Staines Rail Station and Thorpe Park for 2014 are : Adult £2.70 single; £3.70 return. Child £2.20 single; £2.70 return. Full details will appear here soon. Click here for a simple timetable.

Full article: http://www.sullivanbuses.co.uk/html/routes/sb8route950.html


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