19 Jun '16, 4pm

Going to #SHOWBUS on Sep 25 @DoningtonParkUK ? Here's how to do it

OPENING TIMES The site will open at 0930* on Sunday September 25th. The site closes around 1700. * Gates open for display entrants at 0800 ADMISSION FEES Adult &pound12.00 (no concessions) Advance purchase entry is &pound10.00 - Click here for details Child (under 16) Free Carer for disabled visitor: Free (one per disabled visitor) Car parking is free. Admission to the Donington Grand Prix Collection is HALF PRICE for Showbus visitors (normal admission is &pound12.00. Full details here . The free Goodwins shuttle bus will take you from the Launch Pad terminus at SHOWBUS to the Collection. For those arriving on a SHOWBUS exhibit there are specially reduced entry prices which also apply to large parties & excursions. For details click here . GETTING THERE By Bus or Train Check out our excursions from all over the country Catch the train to East Midlands Parkway and then the ...

Full article: http://showbus.com/subind1/basics.htm


Skeptical Sc.:2016 SkS Weekly Digest #25

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Posted on 19 June 2016 by John Hartz SkS Highlights... Toon of the Week... Quote of the Week... They Said What?... SkS in ...