25 Jan '17, 1pm

@nottssafety OK. We follow the CPT code for Mobility Scooters, with info here:

We’ve signed up to the CPT Code for Mobility Scooters and “Class 2” scooters can be carried on our buses. We classify a mobility scooter as a wheelchair on our buses. Examples of Class 2 Scooters that can be carried Examples of Scooters that cannot be carried Customers using a Mobility Scooter on our buses need to have a permit, which is issued after we’ve assessed the scooter and provided training to use it on the bus. To apply for a permit, please contact our Travel Centre and we will arrange an appointment. Download the CPT Scooter Guide .

Full article: https://www.nctx.co.uk/using-the-bus/easy-access-for-ever...


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runblogger.com 24 Jan '17, 6pm

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