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  • ACT Bus | Higgins Interchange

    actbus.net 11 Dec '14, 12pm

    The first Interchange in Belconnen was a temporary (at first intention) one located on Fullagar Crescent Higgins, and was opened on 2 July 1973. As a result of traffic congestion, the Interchange was moved off-street on 22 December 1975. Due to construction delays of the permanent Bel...

  • A Centenary Of The Opening Of The Canberra Line

    actbus.net 25 May '14, 11am

    On the 25th May 1914, the Canberra Line was opened. The Australian Rail Historical Society ACT re enacted this today. The train that hauled Canberra's first train, 1210, is sitting in the museums yard & some other engine went out today. Trying to be as close to as where the Canberra l...

  • Voting for Round 2 has commenced. You have until 1pm Monday 23 Dec to cast your votes.

    Photo of the Year - 2013 (Round 2)

    actbus.net 15 Dec '13, 2am

    You can now vote for Round 2. Again, depending on the voting spread, the top 5 - 7 photos will proceed to the final round of voting.

  • #ACTelection2012 - Public Transport policies from all parties in one place - #canberra #actpol

    ACT Bus guide to Election 2012 » ACT Bus

    actbus.net 24 Sep '12, 12am

    Re: Photo of the Month - October 2012 23 September 2012 Voting is open. Up to 4 votes per member. Re: New Artics for ACTION 23 September 2012 Quote from: ACTbusspotter on September 21, 2012, 02:47:24 PMBut in reality, that doesn't happen. Since the limited stopping pattern only applie...

  • Once Upon A Bus Stop

    Once Upon A Bus Stop

    actbus.net 12 Sep '12, 11am

    From time to time, we see bus stops that bus routes still fly past but no longer service that bus stop. The bus stop may of been moved due to its dangerous location (Giralang rings a bell), or it is a tad hard for a bus to turn right from the far left lane on a 5 lane road (Belconnen ...

  • ACTION Buses with Given Names » ACT Bus

    actbus.net 16 Jul '12, 12pm

    Let's do this.Nominations are now open for Photo of the Month for August 2012. In addition to being shown on the actbus.net front page for a month (and added to the POTM archive), the winning photo will also be loaded to ACT Bus on facebook and, if suitable, will be used as the cover ...

  • Greens launch plan to deliver light rail for Canberra

    actbus.net 30 Aug '12, 8am

    The ACT Greens have launched a key election initiative that would see a light rail public transport system built in Canberra, with the first tracks laid in 2015. Greens Transport Spokesperson, Amanda Bresnan MLA, launched the plan which will see the first dollars and cents commitment ...

  • Alistair Coe: still complaining about dead running

    actbus.net 18 Jun '12, 3am

    Information obtained by the ACT Opposition shows the ACT Labor Government wastes $47,000 every weekday on ACTION buses with no passengers onboard. ACT Shadow Transport Services Minister Alistair Coe said for empty buses to travel for almost 20,000 kilometres every weekday [is] an utte...