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MyRapid is the public transport portal, currently covering integrated transport system in Kuala Lumpur (Rapid KL) and Penang (Rapid Penang).

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    myrapid.com.my 19 Sep '17, 7am

    Prasarana Integrated Management & Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (PRIME) Prasarana Integrated Development Sdn Bhd (PRIDE) Prasarana Rail and Infrastructure Projects Sdn Bhd (PRAISE) Prasarana Integrated Solution & Management Sdn Bhd (PRISM)

  • Jom naik MRT. Do let me know of your experience. Plan your journey here:

    MyRapid Your Public Transport Portal

    myrapid.com.my 13 Sep '17, 4am

    Sambutan baik dan sokongan padu orang ramai, terutamanya pengguna rel bandar di Lembah Kelang, semenjak perkhidmatan MRT Laluan Sungai Buloh – Kajang dibuka sepenuhnya pada 17 Julai 2017

  • @kelvinhou87 Dear Sir, we are running with frequencies around 20 minutes on our Monorail line until further info.

    Rapid KL Provides Monorail Shuttle Bus Service up to 10pm

    myrapid.com.my 06 Sep '17, 5am

    Beginning Monday (14 August), the shuttle bus service will operate non-stop up to 10pm in support of the monorail service between Monday and Friday except for public holidays. Operating from 7am, the special bus shuttle service will travel throughout the monorail alignment from KL Sen...

  • Fare Calculator

    myrapid.com.my 06 Sep '17, 9am

    Type of Fares Descriptions Where to buy? How To buy? Cash Cash or Token:Single Journey Token Concession Token At the Token Vending Machine (TVM). Click here for more info: https://www.myrapid.com.my/fares-and-payments/all-tickets/token Cashless Cashless or Stored Value Ticket (Touch N...

  • Commuters Advised To Use MyRapid TnG Cards To Beat Queues

    myrapid.com.my 01 Aug '17, 8am

    “The long queue of commuters lining up at the TVMs is, instead resulted by a surge of commuters and due to the overwhelming response for the MRT service. The rakyat has come out from out of Klang Valley to enjoy the special experience riding on the MRT. “We are indeed humbled and hono...

  • Additional MyRapid Concession Card Migration Centre at Sri Rampai LRT Station

    myrapid.com.my 30 Jun '17, 6am

    The MyRapid concession card migration centre at the Sri Rampai LRT Station is expected to cater to residents at northern Kuala Lumpur, including students from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and International Islamic University Malaysia. The other MyRapid concession card migrati...

  • Change Your MyRapid Card

    myrapid.com.my 23 Jun '17, 3am

    • The migration exercise is open to all MyRapid cardholders. • The balance in your MyRapid card will be transferred into the new MyRapid TnG card. • The minimum amount to be transferred is RM 5.00. • If the balance in your MyRapid card is not in the denomination of RM 5.00, you will n...

  • Jom naik LRT ke KL Pagi Bebas Kenderaan. info:

    Bike N' Ride

    myrapid.com.my 31 Jul '17, 9am

    Travellers who do not own a foldable bike but cycle to stations may park their bikes at the parking racks made available at selected stations. No charges required but you are to bring your own locks to secure your bikes. Each rack caters to 20 bicycles.


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