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1 day ago ... For the past several weeks, I've been in a new environment and trying to fit in. The following products are what I've been using that have ...

  • Gunas Luxury Handbag Rant! How long should a luxury bag last?

    phyrra.net 05 Jan '18, 4pm

    Gunas Luxury Handbag Rant! How long should a luxury handbag last without tearing? I had my Gunas Naomi luxury vegan handbag for 15 months before it ripped at the clasp. I rotate between at least 5 bags (the Gunas Naomi, 2 different Gunas Koi, Gunas Madison, and Gunas Rockstar) so that...

  • Animal Friendly Eco Friendly Vegan Handbags

    phyrra.net 12 Aug '16, 6pm

    Today I’m sharing a video about animal friendly eco friendly vegan handbags. As you know, I’ve been cruelty free with beauty since 2012. I started becoming aware of more animal friendly handbags around then too. Recently, thanks to my new sister-in-law I’ve been introduced to more eco...

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    Gunas Cottontail Vegan Luxury Handbag Review, Structured Handbag

    phyrra.net 21 Jan '17, 2pm

    Happy Saturday! Today’s video is the Gunas Cottontail Vegan Luxury Handbag review. I meant to have this up towards the beginning of the month, but I pushed it back in favor of other videos. When I bought my Gunas Cottontail handbag, the color purple was on sale for $75, and I got an a...

  • Gunas Rockstar Handbag @GUNASthebrand

    Gunas Rockstar Handbag - a vegan eco friendly animal friendly bag

    phyrra.net 30 Jul '16, 5pm

    I love a good sale. Today I’m sharing my Gunas Rockstar Handbag with you. I bought this vegan bag because it was on major sale from the Gunas website. It was originally $325, marked down to $75, so I decided it must be mine! It comes in 4 colors – black (shown), white, brown and red. ...

  • Less than 4 hours to enter my Emilie M Handbag Giveaway! 51 winners! #bloggers

    Emilie M Handbags Giveaway | Phyrra | Beauty for the Bold

    phyrra.net 22 Feb '14, 1am

    Brought to you by Emilie M Handbags. I’ve teamed up with Emilie M Handbags to bring you an awesome giveaway. One grand prize winner will receive a handbag of their choice from the Emilie M website, plus an Essentials Box (worth approx. $250MRSP). 50 second prize winners will receive $...