28 Mar '18, 3pm

#PublicTransit needs a voice in #automated #AutonomousVehicles regulatory talks:

Few agencies have begun to test and deploy automated or autonomous bus transit in revenue service on fixed routes. Public transit agencies should consider engaging in activities that help define the roles transit can take in automating fleets and partnering with private entities to deploy autonomous vehicle technologies. One way this is accomplished is by partnering with local research universities, OEMs, and established transportation network companies using automated or autonomous technology for first-mile/last-mile solutions. Public transit agencies’ involvement in the development of automated and autonomous vehicles, through their own investments, public-public partnerships, or public-private partnerships will enable the industry to understand the requirements and effects of the technology and better prepare its transit systems for adoption in the future.

Full article: http://www.metro-magazine.com/blogpost/729052/public-tran...


FERC May Stifle Public Voice on New Gas Pipelines

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Solar Needs a Total Quality Revolution

Solar Needs a Total Quality Revolution

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