25 Aug '12, 8pm

PT fact of the day: Hobart Green Card has daily cap dependent on time first boarding $8.60 <9am, or $4.30 --> #ptfact

Metro has made changes to the way it discounts fares for Greencard users. Previously, passengers received 25% bonus travel credit when they recharged their Greencard by a minimum amount ($20 for Adult, $15 for Adult Concession and $10 for Student). This effectively provided a 20% discount on fares when using that Greencard. To make it easier for Greencard users to understand how much they are paying for each Metro service, the 25% bonus travel credit has been discountinued and fares are now discounted by 20% when a Greencard is used.

Full article: http://www.metrotas.com.au/tickets-and-fares


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transperth.wa.gov.au 26 Aug '12, 9pm

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